Phlebotomist Locum Jobs

Are you searching for the best locum Phlebotomists? We at Locum Health offer the perfect solution for your needs. We pride ourselves on being one of the oldest Phlebotomist Locum service providers in the UK. Our selected professionals can deliver high-quality patient care and attention. We are committed to serving society and offering the best manpower solutions for leading healthcare organisations.

Our rich experience in providing Locum Phlebotomist Jobs to leading professionals who seek flexible working hours and wish to get same-day payments.

Key Responsibilities Handled by Locum Phlebotomist

Our leading clients get access to the best Phlebotomist to attain cost-effective solutions for their healthcare services. With Locum Health, your business can easily find talent as per your work and location requirements.

Our experienced Phlebotomist Locum can easily handle the following work responsibilities –

  • Serve patients by identifying the most suitable method for retrieving the blood samples and specimens.
  • Obtaining the samples using venipuncture and finger sticks.
  • Prepare the samples for laboratory testing and perform screening procedures.
  • Verifying the test requirements by comparing the information with the nursing station logs.
  • Verify patient identification and explain the sampling process to the patients.
  • Maintaining the specimen integrity by using appropriate techniques and department procedures.
  • Tracking the collected samples by initialling, dating and noting times for collecting the same.  Maintaining daily tallies of the collections.
  • Performing bleeding time tests by entering results into the computer and notifying the pathologist.
  • Maintaining quality results by following the appropriate procedures and testing schedules.
  • Record the results in the quality control logs. Identifying and reporting the needed changes.
  • Maintaining a safe and secure work environment by following the standards and procedures while complying with the legal requirements.
  • Cleaning, maintaining and calibration of the lab equipment used for the drawing and testing of the blood samples.

Top organisations that take the aid of our locum professionals experience the convenience and efficiency of our healthcare recruitment specialists. You can share your expectations and we will offer the most suitable candidate to enhance your team as per the payment terms and location. At Locum Health, our consultants are dedicated to elevating patient care and your locum recruitment experience. This is why we ensure that you get well-trained and experienced staff that can manage your requirements without any hiccups.

Making the Most of the Phlebotomist Locum Job Opportunities 

If you are looking to make a positive impact on the lives of the patients or contribute to the dynamic healthcare team then Locum Phlebotomist Jobs are perfect for you. We Phlebotomist Locum profiles from leading clients across the UK with flexible time and same-day payments. Apply now to be a part of our dedicated team of professionals.

To learn more about us, Phlebotomist job postings or to submit your application for locum jobs, contact our consultants today. We look forward to hearing from you.