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Locum Health UK is one of the leading Healthcare Recruitment agencies specialising in Primary Care. It was created to help organisations find a cost effective way of recruiting whilst delivering qualified, professional, and compliant staff to services across the UK. Locum Health is here to help find your specialists in the most effective way possible.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Primary Care industry, we understand that matching up and finding the most efficient and well trained specialist can make a big impact on an individual as well as an entire community. Therefore we understand all types of  wants and needs that  our customers, clients and staff demand before carefully studying and handpicking the best specialists for the corresponding organisation.

Waking up knowing you are going to work loving what you do makes one happy and stress free, it is the key to reach maximum productivity.  Traditional 40 hour work weeks can be stressful for certain individuals. When it comes to finding the right job it has been difficult for many people. Finding a work schedule that fits one’s personal life is a hectic struggle especially for those who seek Flexible working arrangements. Flexible schedules allow one to have more free time for family, studying and even leisure.

Locum Health knows that Flexible working arrangements bring many benefits to an employee’s life which has given us the opportunity to consider not only organisations needs but employees needs as well. We care about both our employers and employees so we offer them what they are seeking for their own benefit.

Taking care of our employers and employees has its benefits that include higher productivity, increased job satisfaction, an improved work/life balance and an increase in employee morale & motivation.

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