Medical Receptionist Locum Jobs

Are you searching for a Reception Medical Secretary with the right skills and efficiency to improve your medical practice? Look no further; we are here to help you with this.

Our rich experience in providing Locum Medical Secretaries to notable specialists across the nation has made us the top locum manpower services provider. Our dedicated team works to source, screen, and offer top-quality locum staff to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Hence, we offer the best Medical Receptionist in the UK for leading healthcare organisations who seek flexible working hours.

Benefits of Working as Reception Medical Secretary

A Reception Medical Secretary is responsible for interacting with your guests in the healthcare setting and managing your administrative tasks. They perform a variety of duties and ensure that the entire process is smooth and hassle-free for your patients.

As the leading locum recruitment agency in the region for the last three decades, we offer the staff needed to handle diverse organisational needs.

You can find the best talent as per your requirements and our staff can easily handle the following work responsibilities –

  • Serves patients by greeting and helping them.
  • Welcoming patients and visitors in person or on the telephone.
  • Scheduling appointments and maintaining records and accounts.
  • Optimises your patient satisfaction, provide time and treatment room utilisation by scheduling appointments.
  • Keeping patient appointments on schedule by notifying providers of patient arrivals and reviewing service delivery.
  • Reminding providers about service delays.
  • Maintaining patient accounts by obtaining and recording personal and financial information.
  • Comforting patients by understanding patient anxiety, answering patient questions, and maintaining the reception area.
  • Ensuring availability of treatment information by filing and retrieving the records.
  • Obtaining revenue by recording and updating the financial information, and recording and collecting patient charges.
  • Controlling credit extended to patients and filing, collecting and expediting claims.
  • Maintaining business office inventory and equipment by checking the stock to determine the inventory levels. Placing and expediting orders for supplies and verifying the receipt of supplies.
  • Maintains operations by following policies and procedures.

You can contact our consultants to understand more about our Locum Medical Secretary solutions at competitive costs. Our locum specialist staff is well-trained and available as per your requirements for the specified periods. Our consultants can help understand more about your expectations and then fulfill your locum work requirements as per the desired payment terms.


Are you ready to elevate your medical practice using a skilled Reception Medical Secretary? If yes, then contact our consultants or reach out via email to discuss your Locum Medical Secretary requirements so that we can assist you in finding the best fit. With us, you can say goodbye to staffing challenges that can impact your practice and success.

For job seekers, we offer the best opportunity to work at flexible hours and receive immediate payments. Drop in an email and we will get back to you with the best opportunities to suit your career needs.